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#8 of 100 Death note

Probably not a film you should watch when you are pissed at your Best friend.

This is a story about a boy who finds a notebook that grants the user the ability to kill anyone. You just write the person’s name and how they will be killed and poof they die.

I am not saying I would have killed my best friend had I been in possession of the Death note. I am just saying that maybe he and everyone else would probably take me more seriously.

I should probably mention that I have not read the Manga or seen the Anime. In fact it was only two years ago that someone had introduced me to this world. He had told me that I would like the complicated stories. The complex human emotion that this story deals with is really impressive.

This movie showcases the very thin line between being a hero and playing God. About Power and how that changes everything or how Power gives people the freedom to reveal their true self.
I really liked the screenplay the drama and emotion. But overall the movie not so much. I thought maybe it was a little boring but perhaps people who are really into Anime will like it. Maybe.

It is a slightly dark and complex movie so DO NOT watch it when you are in a mood for a romantic comedy or anything light. I couldn’t figure out who I was rooting for till the very end. That usually makes me very uncomfortable but while watching this movie I was so curious to find out what happens next that I did not let that bother me so much.

I wish I could discuss it with the person who had introduced me to Death note. But I know he would just tell me how the Manga was wayyyy better and I should read that. Then he would warn me that not anyone can just read Manga you have to respect and earn it.

I know the story had a big impact on me because I cannot help but think what would I do if I had the death note. *Hears Best friend shudder in the distance*

Favourite quote- “With great power comes great responsibility.”

No it’s not from this movie. But how I wish someone had said this to the protagonist.

I wish I had directed it because it is a great story, the ending screwed with my mind. That does not happen very often. I don’t know if I could have made it better but I am sure it would have been great fun.


#7 of 100 A Royal Christmas

I had pre convocation jitters and I wanted to watch a movie where I didn’t have to use my brain much

Good thing I decided to watch this movie.

It is a fairy tale like moviee.. where.a girl falls in love with a boy who turns out to be a Prince.

Wouldn’t I give anything for that to happen to me?

It is a cute- sweet movie which is fine to watch if you don’t have anything much to do.

Exactly what you would expect from a hallmark movie.

But it didn’t make me feel anything.

If I was directing it – I would make Emily and Leo’s relationship a little more complicated. It was so perfect it seemed unreal.

Real love is supposed to be complicated. Something I have come to learn now.

So what’s next…

For someone who gets so easily attached to everything I move on pretty fast.

I have realised that I come in the category of what I call ‘ What’s next’ people. People who are impatient workaholics who obsess over a piece of work to the point of insanity before completely getting over it.

Sometimes the getting over part happens rather too quickly. I always remember working very hard but I don’t really remember celebrating any award that I received. In fact there have been instances where I was not even there to receive the award or certificate.
This is not because of any arrogance or disrespect.It is simply because I have already moved on to the next project the next assignment. I am already stressing over meeting a new deadline.

While the world is excited about infinity war. I am already thinking of Captain Marvel. I am over Infinity war before I could enjoy it ūüė¶

It is difficult for me to enjoy the moment because in my head I am already living the next one.Maybe that is why goodbyes do not hurt as much. I said goodbye days before it was actually time to say it.

I hate it. When I see everyone else enjoying taking time off after working so hard for days. I cannot do it. I fear I am missing out. I know it is unhealthy. I need to know how to fix it. I wish I was not so fixated on knowing what is going to happen next.

My life seems like a constant search for the answer to the question ‘What’s next’




#6 of 100 Padmavat

Maybe watching a movie has a lot to do with who you watch it with.

I just watched Padmavati Padmavat. I am sure that if I had seen it with very serious movie watchers who don’t let anyone talk in the movie I would have hated it. But I saw it with people who like me know that the best part of watching a movie is discussing it. Also laughing at inappropriate jokes.

I think we made fun of everything from Ranvir’s fir coat to Shahid’s expressions to Deepika’s introductory shot where she shoots a Deer.

The movie is based on the legend Padmavat and the sacrifice of Queen Padmavati.

I had a lot of fun watching it. It was a visual treat the sets and costumes are to die for. Just what you would expect from Sanjay leela Bhansali.

Otherwise the movie was a little prolonged at places.

I think Aditi Rao as Ranvir’s wife stole the show.

Watch it for the costumes and sets and how beautiful Deepika Padukone looks in certain scenes. Watch it if you are a history nerd like I am.

Don’t watch it if, like me, you can’t stand violence of any kind.

I liked watching it. But it didn’t change my life or any view about anything.

So I would call it an above average movie. Provided you watch it with friends who appreciate the same kind of jokes as you do.

Favorite quote – The Rajput Bangle has the same power as a Rajput sword.

If I directed it – A little more focus on Queen Padmavati. We know how brave she is but what are the things that scare her? From where does she get the courage to do all the things she does. Did she have problem adjusting to the Rajputi lifestyle? Did she have a problem being someone’s second wife? Did she try to address it with the elder queen?

So many questions unanswered. Same for some other female characters as well.

#5 of 100 The Usual Suspects

Whenever I asked my best friend to suggest a movie that I could watch he told me that I would love The Usual Suspects.

I can’t talk to him because he is so busy these days and I guess I was just really missing him tonight so I decided to watch it. Probably one of those rare moments where he got it right.I LOVED IT.

The Usual Suspects is a movie about 5 known criminals that meet at a seemingly random police lineup and together they plan a heist.

It is a mystery – thriller that screws with your mind a little.

Now , such classics is that you have to keep in mind that all the other criminal mysteries you have seen are probably inspired by this. So when you see it you have to forget all the other movies. Otherwise you will not be able to appreciate it. I can recollect so many murder mystery series that now I realise have been influenced by this movie.

Anyone who enjoys murder mysteries and cop movies should watch it.

Like I have said before, A¬† good movie gives you the satisfaction of being able to predict the end just¬† not the ‘how’ part. This movie does exactly that. I guessed what was going to happen in the end. But I still couldn’t take my eyes off the screen, even for a second. The cinematography and sound editing of the movie make you feel like you were there like it’s happening to you.

Watching this movie made me miss my friend even more. What is the point of watching a good movie if you can’t discuss it with your best friend afterwards? I wish I could just tell him that I see you making¬† a film like this in a couple of years. The cops, the mystery, the melancholy, the twisted story, the promise of an explanation in the air, it is all so him.

Favourite Quote – ‘The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convinced the world that he does not exist.’
And also¬†‘I don’t believe in God, but I’m afraid of him.’

Ps. Check out¬†mpuehler001′ blog¬† analysing the sound and Cinematography of the movie. It is really cool.

#4 of 100 Hichki

I thought it’s time I watch a Hindi Movie.

Hichki is a movie about a woman with Tourette’s syndrome who wants to be a teacher.
Nobody wants to hire her because of her speech defect. But then she finally gets her chance to achieve her dreams.

I thought the movie was two different stories some how pasted together. Not very neatly either.

I was excited to watch a movie that would be about a subject so different and so serious than the  Hindi movies I normally watch. The best part about this movie was the strong female protagonist who carries the film on her shoulder. She did a good job. I could relate with her character at times especially when she felt like those who were supposed to be proud of her thought of her as incapable of doing things on her own.

I would advise you to watch it if you want to learn about the syndrome. The movie does a good job explaining it. It’s a cute movie to watch if you like children a lot and miss school days a lot.¬† Otherwise ….not so much.

I didn’t feel sympathetic towards the protagonist, even once. I think that is awesome. Because the whole movie was about her trying to be treated as normal.

I felt like I have seen this movie before. Like I knew what will happen , that’s usually okay in a good movie you should be able to tell what will happen. But I knew how it will happen also and that’s usually not a good thing. Very predictable.
The underlying theme of the movie is misfits and how they have to fight for their place in the society. So good thought I wish the screenplay was stronger.

I thought it was a little dragged, but maybe that’s just me.I watched it in a movie hall and the smell of popcorn in the air compensated for that.

Favourite quote – ‘You should not get too close to Children after all they are here to replace you.’
(It wasn’t there in the movie. It was said by my friend.I hate that he is right.)

If I directed it – I would change the screenplay. Almost completely.




#3 of 100 Saving Mr. Banks

I was very nervous about a  presentation in the morning so  of course i decided to watch a movie.

Saving Mr. Banks is the story about how Walt Disney convinced P.L Travers the author of Mary Poppins to let him convert the book into a film.
The movie mainly revolves around the author Mrs. Travers and her life.¬† She didn’t want to let go of her beloved character. She was worried what Disney would do to her. She is very vocal about how much she hates the idea.

I wish I had a chance to meet Walt Disney. He is portrayed as this guy who made it big but is still the child that he was when he saw those dreams.

But then maybe it’s a good that I didn’t because from what I have learnt in life is that you should never meet your heroes. It is really difficult to accept that they are flawed humans too. I think that is what this movie is about to accept someone as your hero with their flaws.

The movie is about holding on and letting go and about forgiveness. Also about how everyone is crazy in their own way.

I have not watched Marry Poppins although I know the story. After watching this movie, I I wish I had.

Those who love that movie/book  will love this story.

I really liked the movie because I loved to watch how a Disney film is made. It is my dream to be a part of one someday.

I missed that feeling of being so passionated about something after watching.

Favourite quote – ‘That’s what we storytellers do. We restore order with imagination. We instill hope again and again and again.’

#2 of 100 Life as we know it

You know how those breaks that were meant to be for half n hour but somehow last for hours? Yeah it was one of those breaks – I watched this Rom-Com ‘ Life as we know it.’

The film is about two people who cannot stand each other but end up raising a kid together.

I liked it a lot. I think  it is a really good movie for days when you want to believe that there is hope in the world.

There were parts where situations in the movie felt rushed even forced at times, I didn’t feel as connected then. But that’s okay because for most of the movie I was just gushing about how cute the whole setting is.

What is really different about this film is that it is honest. They are honest about how they don’t like this responsibility that has been imposed on them. Raising a human is one of the toughest things in the world. They don’t sugar coat it.

I felt warm and hopeful after the movie ended.  I was reminded how unpredictable life can be and how it is so stupid to be waiting to start living life.

I think Romantic Comedies are grossly underrated I mean I understand they might not change the world but sometimes a good Romedy and chocolate ice cream are all you need to give you the courage to go back and fix whatever it is that needs fixing. I mean isn’t that what art is supposed to do any way?

It has been so long since I watched a good rom com that I don’t even feel guilty for not working the entire night when I had planned to stay up and work all night.

Also of course , Katherine Heigl is love. How is that woman so effortlessly beautiful?

Favourite quote – ‘Having somebody help you doesn’t mean that you failed.’

*Tiny spoiler*
If I was the director¬†– I would include more scenes of Josh Duhamel being insecure about Katherine’s boyfriend.

#1 of 100 – Admission

I just wanted to escape life.

Turns out, watching ‘Admission’ was a great way to do that. The movie is basically about a woman who works in the Admission office of Princeton.She is not a ‘kid’ person.

The objective of watching this movie was to distract myself from everything that was happening in my life and that it did beautifully. The protagonist’s life was so different from mine (She was rejecting perfect humans for a living!) that I completely forgot about all that was bothering me.

I liked the small town community feel of the movie.Everything felt so stable.I should mention that I am a sucker for movies that show life at a University campus.

The movie talks about how irrational we are sometimes. How we don’t realise how much we hurt people we are supposed to love and care for the most.
It is kinda sorta funny, but not so much.

Paul Rudd looks really really cute though.

I was in a horrible mood before watching it but I felt really calm afterwards.

It’s the perfect film for when you don’t want to think about your sad love life on a Tuesday night.But I wouldn’t spoil a weekend for it.

Favourite quote – “Where you come from is just a box. I reject being put in a box”

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