This is my first  post , etiquette  demands I introduce myself.

I believe that the best and fastest way of getting to know someone is asking them what would happen if they ruled the world . (yes! This is tried and tested.)

If I ruled the world , there would be roses in every corner of every alley of the world .The roses wont just be Red yellow and White. They  would be in every colour, a human can imagine .No one would be homeless. Harry Potter books would be compulsory in school .J K Rowling would win Nobel prize for Literature for World  peace maybe even for Physics and Economics.Homophobia would not exist and rules for grammar and punctuation would not be so strict .

If I ruled the world there would be more libraries than schools , there would be more Romantic comedies than wars and deaths , James lafferty would always be the ‘sexiest man alive’ And F.R.I.E.N.D.S would have never ended. Percy jackson and Harry Potter would be real (sigh!!)

I look at the world a better place than most other do , people say its because I am too young.  When (if ) I rule the world , there would not be such thing as too young. if you are old enough to understand that it takes one to change the world that is enough, you are enough.

 When I look at the newspapers every morning , I can’t help but think , what the hell is god doing up there ?  that is when I feel like maybe  I  really should rule the world but then when I see a five year old boy giving his share of biscuits to a stray dog or when I see a young successful journalist giving up his booming career because he decided that the world needs more trees ( and then opens his own N.G.O and plants more than  a thousand trees a year)  that is when I think that  maybe god is doing a decent  job and maybe we just need to appreciate the good at least as much (if not more)  as we criticize the bad.

-The Optimist