This is something I wrote about two years ago when I was struggling, questioning everything I knew about love and everythingelse. These words encourage me today even after two years.

“Many Authors have tried explaining. “LOVE”. I am not an author (not yet) but here is my understanding of this universal phenomenon.
LOVE is what makes you strong. It is what gives you the strength to standup to the 8 billion other people in the world and not be afraid of them. It is not a weakness that needs to be hidden. Love is not weeak.
Love makes you cinfident not concious about yourself. It is what makes you smile and blush not hide and cry. Love makes everything easy not complicate it.It is what helps you achieve your dreams not sacrifise them. It is the solution not a problem. It is when fantasies are real ,when movies and songs make sense. It is love that makes you a believer not question everything you believe. Love is what unites you with god not make you doubt his existence. Love is conditional. Love is everywhere. Live makes life beautiful love makes you want to live life to the fullest not quit it!

Love is the smell before the first rain,love is the butterflies you feel before your first day in college. Love is a dream job. Love is the perfect car,the dreamhouse, that celebrity retweeting your tweet. It is teddybears and chocolatea and marvel and D.C , It is popcorn with salsa or pizza with frenchfries.  Love is the universe the universe is love.

Love can be found in everything for everything is love. It is acceptance not denial. It is courage not fear. Live is beautiful.
Most importantly love makes you happy not sad. It is not confined to anything, it doesnt have  any limits.
Love is anything and everything that makes you feel in harmony with god.
Love is singing the tunes of the universe and dancing to them.
Love has mutliple frequencies, the highest being bliss.
Learn to recognise love, It just makes life so much better.
~ Pallavi

PS Maybe your experience of love is not like mine But I just feel  sometimes between all the complications in life we forget appreciating its beauty , there must be a reason why almost every author every filmmaker every lyricist is so fascinated by the idea of love. It performs miracles trust me I have seen it . But thenI  am just nineteen year old kid so what do I know right?

The optimist