So I am one of those people that insist on having my own collection of books and I am very proud to say that I have more books than clothes in my room. The idea of using the public library to borrow books wasn’t very appealing at first. But then temptation of using that fancy checkout computer was just way too much to handle and I borrowed Arabella. A book, I had never heard of before . Here is what I think about it

‘Arabella’ by   is a book set in early nineteenth century England. Arabella belongs to a poor family in Yorkshire and knows she must marry money to help her family. Honestly, I just thought I am reading ‘Pride and Prejudice’ again. The setting was same. Arabella, the protagonist was a girl ahead of her times just like Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice.  Arabella loves animals, the poor, everyone else who needs her , so I felt sort of a connection with her there.  There is also a subplot about Arabella’s brother and how he goes crazy in London. But I felt that was really not needed.

I like the book, but I never cried. It is a sweet, light love story. It is not very intense maybe something you read when you are waiting for the next book in a series. I did not think, of the characters much after finishing the book. I didn’t wonder what they would be doing now. I loved the parts where she goes shopping or when they are talking about new dresses.

I recommend it to anyone who loves pride and prejudice. To everyone who loves sweet innocent love stories.  I also recommend it to anyone who wishes to know about early London but doesn’t enjoy old English

Most people I know loved this book  would love to know what you thought about it.

Also, as it was the first book I borrowed from a public was a great experience. I had 21 days to return the book , but I read it  in the last three days. i am not sure but does that happen with everyone?

Overall the book was NICE. –  3/5