Nobody likes it when something changes everything in your life for the worse. That one moment when you can feel the earth shattering around you. You feel ignored by god. Everyone that cared about you or loved you just somehow disappears. You feel alone. You are tired. You just want this nightmare to end.  I get it . We have all been there. The reasons maybe different but everyone has experienced that one moment of complete helplessness and disappointment . That neverending void that  seems to suck all the light from your life. But Thats when you have two options
You can either cry ,be scared wish for the time to revert back to when everything was okay. Blame everyone around you for whatever that happened . But most times grief is a luxury you cannot afford. Its okay to be sad for a while. But there always comes a time you need to step up. Rise above whatever it is that is making it so difficult for you to breathe. Thats when you  go for option 2 . You accpet it , whatever had to happen did. It is done now. Now get up. Fight it. Have faith. It is not the end of the world. Even if your instincts and feelings are screaming at you trying to convince you otherwise.Yes It is tough. Yes It is super  scary.  But You are not alone,  this universe is a big place . Sometimes you will get help from somewhere out there. Other times you will realise you are all you need .   You do what you have to do. Because at the end of the day , you and only you can do it . If you believe in this , then I believe in you.

The optimist