I know it sucks right now. You hate your job. Your classmates get on your nerves. That boy doesn’t text you. Life is not how it was supposed to be. I know you’re trying to convince yourself that its just a phase and it will pass but there is a small voice in the back of your head telling you ‘ what if its not?’ What if this is how it is supposed to be from now on?
I dont know who you are or what is your life like…but funny thing about life it will surprise you when you least expect it. But you know that already and that stupid  voice in your head asks ‘ what if it onky gets worse from here?’ So you try to tell that voice that the future is not in your control all you have is faith in god (or universe or whatever u believe in) and you have the chance of making the best of this very moment. Thats when you decide to live in the moment.
Realise the importance of this very moment.
In this the moment someone just purchased a book that will change their life. Someone just ‘accidentally’ bumped into their soulmate. Someone just saw an advertisement that will change their career for the better. An inventor just had a revolutionary idea. A soldier just recieved a phone call from their family. A mother just saw her baby for the first time.she could see the hope in her eyes.A new born baby was held by her mother  for the first time. She could feel the kindness and warmth in her mothers eyes. A cat just found a new home. A puppy just made some new friends.  A five year old just tied his shoelaces for the first time.  Someone  just bought a gift for their parent’s anniversary. A rose just bloomed. A bird just completed her  nest. A future nobel proze winner just got inspired. A boy just decided to propse to his girlfriend .A 19 year old just gave some hope to this world.

So I know this moment must really suck for you right now. Smile anyway. Not for yourslef but for the countless others whose lives  are changing. Cherish this moment. It is more important than you think!

Most importantly, Have faith your moment is coming too!

Ps wrote this at 4 in the morning. So please ignore spelling errors!

The optimist