I get science. Maths makes sense to me. Numbers are simple, easy to manipulate uni- dimensional with nothing to hide really. It is  Logic and there are no two ways about it.
But I am no Archimedes, I do not think about understanding how the world works in my bath tub.
What fasicnates me is creating something from Scratch. It is explaining life through oil paints. What bewitches me is the beauty of arranging twenty -six letters in a sequence that no one has ever done before , It is painting a picture using words or  breathing lives into mere names on paper. What keeps me up at night is  how some poems are more than just short sentences that ocassionally rhyme,  They are the exact state of your soul explained beautifully and accurately by someone who libed centuries ago.
It is this Socecry ,that becomes a channel from our Heart to the universe, that I regard as true  genius and this eloquence that I struggle to imitate the most!

The optimist