Those of us that spend our days in the pursuit of Happiness know that it is never unremitting. There are always certain moments that define happiness for us..they come and go. What makes a difference is the ability to recognize these moments and savour them when they are happening.
For me one of those moments is when you are in the trial room of a store. Its the moment you put on a dress and look at your reflection in the mirror. Maybe its the strategically positioned yellow lights there maybe the colour of the dress or the fact that its fits you so perfectly. Its hard to say , all you know for sure is that you cant stop looking at yourself in that mirror.The size is perfect so is the stitch and cut. For some reason your skin tone and hairstyle too compliment the dress and as you stand there all you see is perfection. All the insecurities you ever had about yourself just vanish even it is for that one fleeting monent
Even though there is a cruel real
world outside this small cubicle, with real problems that a dress wont be able to solve and maybe you know there is no way in hell you can afford it but all of that doesnt matter because in that moment it is just you and you know that you look like a rockstar. That is your moment and no one , not your ex boyfriend not your wicked boss not that snoopy next door neighbour NO ONE  can take it away from you!

The optimist