I am now a twenty year old almost adult almost independent girl.

From the twenty years of my life on this planet the last seventeen have particularly stood out. The reason for this distinction is very obvious. It is the coming into existence of my younger sister who since the day she was born has been my partner in crime.

For the first three years of my life , I was treated like a Princess or so I have been told .I have heard stories about how all my family members used to dance around me trying to make the Princess smile. As flattering as all these tails are and no matter how much  I love hearing them , I dont remember most of it!

What I do remember most Prominently is a summer evening of 1998 in Early August.
Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as my Aunt was bathing me in our lawn outside with a garden pipe.
For me it was like any other Summer day. At that time I didnt know my life going to change forever.
I remember the exact moment when I was standing in the bucket playing with shampoo in my hair when I saw my parents enter from the front gate. My mother was  carrying a bundle of blankets in her hands. I remember jumping with excitement as I saw them.
My aunt wrapped me in a towel before I hurried up to them. Upon a closer examination of those blankets I realised what my mum was holding ; A baby.
I screamed with joy,I didn’t know why or if I even understood the concept of a tiny human when I was one myself.
Later that evening when I was dressed my parents let me hold the baby in my lap and for the first time , I held my baby sister in my arms and since that day we have been inseparable, doing almost everything together.
My parents tell me I was never jealous of the fact that their attention was now divided, How could I ever be jealous of that cute  little Girl in my house that followed me everywhere and tried to do everything I did . For me , She was like a doll. A doll to play with to take care of. Only a doll that could both talk and respond. Maybe I was never jealous because I never considered her a rival or  as my parents  “Other”daughter for me she was mine and I was supposed to take care of her and protect her by any and all means. (and 17 years later I still feel the same way!)
Even though I do remember having a lot of fun with endless games ,Dressing up our barbie Dolls , Sometimes dressing up each other , Climbing trees together or the day I taught her how to ride a bike. I know these memories become fuzzy with time, But the day she first came in our lives was my earliest memory and I shall cherish for as long as I live.

~The optimist