Everyone keeps telling me I live in a ‘bubble’. No one ever explained to me what this ‘bubble’ really was. Is it the fact that I believe there is still good in the world? Or because I would rather read about  an inspirational life story of a person who made it big in the world despite all odds rather than about an opportunistic mother who killed her own daughter.Or is it because after a long tiring day I don’t want to see a dark movie. Or the fact that i just simply do not like dark or sad movies. From where I come I was always taught that its okay to have your own choice. I CHOSE to perceive this world in a different manner than you do.

If I talk about unconditional love it doesn’t mean I am naive. It means I have seen exactly how much it hurts when your heart breaks and  you feel the world collapse around you ,in seconds.And  still not be  afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve and build it from scratch.

I live in the real world  I read the newspaper every day. I know  our world is far from perfect. But that is exactly what fuels me to be grateful for what I have and cherish it because I know this world is uncertain and anything can be taken away from me at any moment .

Even after knowing that we have destroyed this planet and unless you are spy in touch with friendly  aliens. We are all doomed. Still every day wake up make plans for the day for the week , next week.And people tell me I live in a ‘bubble.’

Never underestimate the effort of an optimist to see the silver lining when the whole world is focused on the dark grim clouds.

Anyone can figure out that  the place where we live is full of people waiting to exploit us , that stock markets will crash and politicians will lie. That’s the easy part. To accept and give up.It takes real courage to believe  that their is still hope. Its a power that comes with a price. The price of actually affecting change in whatever manner you can.
We dont ‘live in a bubble’ because we are weak

On the contrary , weak are those who are too afraid to hope for a brighter future.

We perceive the world a better place. Because we hope ,we believe. We believe therefore we will.
The way I  see life is the way I Want to see life.
I am not justifying those who simply close their eyes in terms of a crisis hoping all will be well. I am defending those who watch a cricket match till the last ball and believe in a miracle even when the world is shouting and telling them their team will lose.

It is the optimists who rule the world. It is the optimists who change it and then rule it again.

I am not saying optimism is all you need to run for president. I am saying it is the most important thing you need. You may fail sometimes even if you are optimistic but you will fail all the time if you are not.

But then again I am just nineteen, what do I know right?

The views expressed above are solely mine. It is not my intention to hurt anyone. If the way you live works for you. Then I guess I am nobody to tell you that its wrong.

The optimist