Always wondered how they do it to you?  Well! wonder no more.

Breaking hearts is not rocket science in fact I believe it to be an art. So there is no one way to do it.

No matter how you do it  It always leads to the other person feeling the weight of the sky crushing them as they struggle to breathe.

So here it is a step by step guide to what I feel is the most easy way to do break someone’s Heart.

(Pro tip : The best time to do the deed is right after someone tells you they trust you and show you their vulnerable emotional self. That’s when it hurts them the most)

Step 1 : It’s usually best to enter a person’s life, When they are not looking for someone. How to identify such people? Its easy ,they are happy .Their  eyes sparkle naturally. They are either  content with the way their life is going  or They are sorrowful and have made peace with the fact that they will not find anyone ever.

Both these situations are when they least want someone in their life and thats why they never see it coming.

Step 2 Pretend that what they say matters. Act like you listen to their stories . Laugh together.Cry together. This will ensure that when you break their heart ,they will keep wondering (maybe for years) what is it that went wrong.

Step 3 : Make promises you never intend to keep. Make plans for a future together.

Step4 : Slowly, allow them to depend on you . Continue this till the point their connections with others start to faze out and you dominate their social life.

step5  : Just when you are sure that they trust you and you are all they have got,Do something that destroys them.Cheat, Lie, Become distant…the possibilities are endless.

(Pro tip : Say ‘I am sorry ‘and expect that to make it all okay)

step6 : Leave. Don’t look back. Ever. Don’t ever return to see the damage you have caused.There is absolutely no accountability when it comes to  breaking hearts. The best part ? You can move on to the next thing in  your life.While they are left to pick up the pieces, That probably changes them forever.

So what are you waiting for? Its a beautiful life , Go ahead and ruin it for someone.