‘Money cant buy happiness, but I would rather cry in a Mini cooper!’

I have a million dreams and money can help me accomplish at least half of them…I come from a family of economists,we like to  brag about our understanding of these peculiar green notes that are known to have altered the course of history ,multiple times!

Money we know is essential to live a life with comfort , anyone who says otherwise is either a saint, fool, fraud or all of the above.

Money is the reason why we choose to do an MBA instead of focussing on that novel we have been longing to write since ages . It is the need of money that motivates us to wake up early and stand first in the line on a day of a big sale.

Yes!  Money is important and there are enough people and circumstances to remind you of that every day . But lets not do that today . Call me naive but I  believe that there are still certain things in life that we can’t put a price tag on and these are some of the most under-appreciated things in the world.

Have you ever noticed that there is no price tag for  listening to the song of birds at the end of long winters that tell you its spring time!! You don’t have to pay a price for  watching the sun rise from the horizon every day ! Have you ever been able to buy that feeling of butterflies in your stomach when a beautiful stranger smiles at you? or that warmth that you feel when a baby holds your little finger with their whole hand. There is no store that sells the emotions you feel when you are at the last chapter of an amazing novel.The sense of belonging that we feel when we are with our closest Friends cannot be bought anywhere or that rush that we feel when we manage to cook something exactly like mom used to ! What about that sense of satisfaction we get when me make others laugh? Priceless  ! isn’t it? Just like the excitement of a good idea ..or a new blog post! The relief of getting to know that your teacher is absent who can put a price tag on that? And a bazillion other things that this 20 year old can only hope to understand someday but I know you are thinking about them now so you realise exactly  I am talking about!!

It is time old banal saying , ‘Money can’t buy Happiness’ but  as they say , clichés are clichés for a reason.
So Word to the wise , Chase money If you want luxury comfort and security. But if it is happiness that you seek,You might want to look somewhere else.

I have a million dreams and money can help me accomplish at least half of them but today I choose to look at the other half.