After years of stalling the inevitable, the last three years of my college did what I had been dreading my whole life. On the eve of my 21st birthday, it  only seems right to confess that even after trying  my  best  to prevent it,  Even after years of protesting and negotiating with life , I grew up.

Yes it is as difficult as I had dreaded .

Today I have decided to share some insights that I have gathered on my journey of this scam they call growing up.

Growing up I realized, is accepting that the world is full of all kinds of people. There are some people on the internet that justify Genocide during the second world war. I believe I grew up when I stopped letting such anonymous comments on quora  bother me.

 Maybe I grew up when instead of dismissing my friends who worried about the no. of ‘ likes’  on their profile picture as shallow. I started trying to understand them. In the spirit of growing up I must mention that I still don’t understand most of them

Growing up for me was realizing that sometimes despite your best intentions and your greatest efforts, some relationships are not meant to last. It is no one’s fault , sometimes it is just horrible timing.

A big part of growing  up was realizing that not all my to come  wishes are going to come true. Sometimes I must chose between two dreams.It is for the best really., You get to know what you really care about and what is just a fad. I let go of my dream to get a Clark Kent tattoo on my wrist, others I have just postponed for now.

Growing up meant embracing and identifying myself as an introvert and then realizing labels are stupid and unwanted. I am whoever I want to be Today.

Another essential thing I learnt while struggling through life as an adult is that I can’t do it alone.Nobody can .That’s when I learnt the most important lesson ; It is okay to ask for help.

It may sound like a cliche, But I am ware of how difficult it can be. To share our insecurities with other humans. To actually accept that we are not perfect. It is natural to be afraid. What if they don’t understand us? or don’t react appropriately?. Most of the people don’t.That leaves us feeling exposed and vulnerable. Believe me I have been there. But that doesn’t mean you have to shut yourself, that will just make this  already challenging life , impossible. Everyone needs help and everyone deserves it too.

The way I see it

We are all perplexed all terrified, all  sulking at the unfairness of life. But through all the misery , betrayals and heartaches we are also all growing up together.