I cannot watch a movie like I have seen many others , staring at a screen for a couple of hours mindlessly  and then returning to their routine life.

Watching movies is not a passive activity for me. When I watch a movie I live it with every frame . I cannot watch a movie if I don’t believe that the protagonists are not madly  in love with each other. I believe the sincerity in the eyes of Raj (in DDLJ) when he flies half way across the world to marry a girl he just met weeks ago.  I was there when Harry and Sally (in when Harry Met Sally)  fell in love. I experienced their love with them.

For those two hours I believe that the hero doesn’t get hurt when he fights a dozen goons. For those two hours I am captive of this reality created onscreen.

Chak de! India let us experience what it would be like if India had won the hockey world cup.Movies have a profound impact on us sometimes it is deeper  and more unconscious than we realise Dostana let us acknowledge the existence of homosexuality. Sure most people are still not comfortable with it but at least the urban population doesn’t deny its existence.  Lage raho Muna Bhai taught us that there is an alternate way if living life. we may have not start living that way but we started appreciating and encouraging those who do.

Movies inspire us to be greater than our individual selfs.

I don’t know about you , but there is something about stepping in a movie hall , the smell of fresh popcorn , memories of make out sessions as a teenager , that just feels correct. Sure the world has evolved and getting out of bed to watch a movie is just too much a struggle nowadays.

But watching a good movie on the big screen is so surreal. Something that  ‘Netflix and chill’ can just not replicate.

I was too young when it came out but can you imagine watching Titanic in a movie hall ? crying with strangers in a movie hall , feeling your heart sink with that ship ,Not knowing if Jack and  Rose will make it.

Is there anywhere you can download that feeling?

Sitting there in the darkness  Everything behind the exit doors seems unimportant and unreal.Deadlines and failures cannot touch us there. At that moment all that matters is whether Cooper gets to meet his daughter in Interstellar or What happened to Bidya Bagchi’s husband in Kahani.

For years I have  been enchanted by movies. The best thing about this art is it’s simplicity. You don’t have to be a genius to understand what the director is  trying to tell you ( This not true for Inception , I still don’t get it!) You just have to allow it to  take on a journey without skepticism and without judgement. If you are lucky you too will feel its magic because lets face it with the chaos that surrounds us today we all can use a little Magic.

PS. Watching La La Land inspired this post. That movie is an example of cinematic excellence and finally a true depiction of millennial love stories. Watch it if you havent already!