A hopeless romantic, an introvert, an impassioned reader .I thought I knew all there is to know about love. I knew how the hormones work , I read about it in Shakespearean plays .I knew what was coming , I  thought I was prepared.

My discovery?  We have  been deceived. Tricked  into believing that something so profound can actually be deciphered through science or literature .All the greats try but none have even come close to really explain what it feels like. Only barely managing to scratch the surface of the behemoth called love.

I was fortunate to get a chance to move from spectating to living it . Even if it was for a brief time.

My First love was everything I had read about and yet nothing I had expected. Feeling a thousand emotions at once for the first time ,I was deep in uncharted waters.

I was soaring without wings,fleeting through the troubles of life in one instant and then crushed to pieces, left alone in another.I wanted to pause  time to let me take it all in the good and the bad. But time is cruel ,it slows down for none. It takes  a moment to take away something  it took a lifetime to build.

My first love was one of those that you hear about in Taylor swift songs.It was an Irish poetry after a bottle of rum. Not everyone understood it but all agreed  it was beautiful.It was a love story every sixteen year old dreamt of  followed by a heart break every seventeen year old dreaded.

It was best friends who fell in love. It was holding hands in the classroom and walking back home to spend an extra twenty minutes together alone. It was handmade cards and saving money for each other’s birthdays. It was imagining a perfect life together convinced that this we will make it.

It was a feeling that happens only once in a lifetime. It is  love before you know the price of love.

First love  is naive and innocent. We  were foolish but we were foolish together. It was over before we knew it Yet the remnants are mad lasting .They say is like french wine only gets better  with age. Its a battle scar that brings back all emotions every time you think of it.

It broke me , but it also rebuilt me. I lost my way only to create a new one for myself. So it may have lead to the most difficult time of my life yet . My first love was worth it all.