As a teenager , Romantic -Comedies used to be the source of my life. I was convinced that the ultimate aim of all lives was finding our significant other and declaring our love out as the world stood still.

I believed Aditya Chopra when he told us that,  ‘There is someone somewhere meant for each one of us.’ All matches are made in heaven and  the whole universe conspires to work towards our love story.Everything is just supposed to fall in place in the end.

Things have changed since then, Mostly  because I grew up 

I still believe in finding the right person to share your life with. But I don’t think it is for everyone. I think Soul mates are not the general rule but the exception. There are some people who are supposed to find the perfect man or woman but for others that is not how life works.

Not being a pessimistic here , Just considering an alternate Perspective. I have realized that while the idea of finding your other half sounds like the most romantic way to live life.There are other ways that exist.

There are so many other ‘Happy Endings’ which are equally if not more enchanting and satisfactory. Maybe some people are just meant for something else , like getting  their dream job or a true  friendship stronger and deeper than  the Pacific,your Hogwarts letter,   or a bajillion dollars. For most I think it is a combination of these and many others.

Love is love and there are infinite sources of love.For a long time now,  we have been manipulated into thinking that life is not worth living if there is no one who announces their love for you from the top of the empire state building. But I have come to realize now that  love is not only when your boyfriend walks two kilometers just to see you for twenty minutes. It is just one of the forms in which it can enter your life , give it meaning. There are many others ;  All we need to learn is how to recognize and  embrace them.

Even though I hope my future includes a tall dark and handsome   well read-good looking -kind guy .  I have now  made peace with the fact that it may not happen.The idea does seem scary  at first, but you see my point when you realize that there are somethings that you wouldn’t give up for anyone

Maybe I will become a more successful author than JK Rowling. Maybe I will be the one to prove that god exists or maybe I will prove that she doesn’t .I may save the planet from Alien invasion. I might bring peace to the world. Endless possibilites. All filled with love. Just  A different kind of love.

Any or ALL  of these can be the purpose of my life. My journey may or may not include Prince Charming and for the first time in my twenty one years, I am okay with that.