“A dream isn’t something that you have when you are asleep,it is the very thing that does not let you sleep. “

I never understood this the first time I read it . When you are a child your dreams are simpler. There is nothing to stop you and most importantly you are not afraid of failiure.

But now that you are all grown up. You know failure exists and you are terrified of it.  Still there is a flickering flame inside you that you cannot ignore. There is something that you know that if you don’t do you will die a sad death.

What is it? It is something that you need  to do otherwise all of this would mean nothing to you! Dreams – Peculiar Mysteries these rascals . They can drive anyone insane.

It is important to know  that all dreams are unique that  your dream is your own only and nothing can come close to what you can accomplish with it. In fact your dreams are one of the few things that differentiate you  from 8 billion others out there.

Dreams don’t come with expiration date. It is not too late to start that Novel. However dreams do have a trait of altering. I do not have the same dream as I did 10 years ago (thank god!) It is okay change  your Dream.  No one gets it right in the first try anyway. Change it as many times as you like till you find the right one.

There is not much difference between being in Love and Dreaming actually. When you find the right one you gotta hold on to it.

It is alright if you haven’t found it yet as long as you are out there looking for it.

Yes it keeps you up all night. Yes it is stressful and causes breakdowns but when you decide that to follow your dreams that nothing is going to stop you from treading along that path. Then you realize that all the struggles are worth it. That you won’t trade having a dream for anything else in the world.

Failure? Yeah that comes with the territory.  But if  J.K Rowling hadn’t failed at life we wouldn’t have Harry Potter. If Alexander Flemming hadn’t failed to keep his equipment properly like he was taught, there would be no Penicillin, an antibiotic that changed the course of medical history. Failures are hard and I wish I had a magic wand to make it okay (Maybe someday!)

Dont worry about failures though your dreams are stronger than you realise. A little nagging voice in your head won’t let you give up. Even if you give up ,You will find a way to motivate yourself to get back up again.

So What  is it that keeps tossing and turning all night? Is it worries of the past or is it the desire to change the world?

Have you discovered what you are meant to do? Or like me you are still searching ?

Whatever it is  , hold on to it  and it will show you the miseries and beauties of our world.